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Glamping at Karuna El nido

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In the lap of Luxury, underneath the stars: your glamping sanctuary

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Welcome to our glamping resort overlooking Bacuit Bay. Choose from exclusive glamping pods like the geodesic dome, glass pyramid, glass house, and cocoon pod, blending comfort with adventure. Perched on a hill, our resort offers stunning bay views, providing a serene backdrop to the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze. Just 5 minutes from the beach, our glamping pods offer a unique sanctuary for relaxation or seaside exploration. Welcome to a world where luxury meets the great outdoors – your unforgettable glamping experience awaits.

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Breathtaking, endless sea stretching to the horizon, crashing waves, distant islands, serene and awe-inspiring.

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Innate, unconditional love between individuals, fostering deep connections and nurturing relationships.

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a refreshing water oasis for leisure, exercise, and relaxation.

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